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KJV Lion - Forest Pine - Humble Lamb
KJV Lion - Forest Pine - Humble Lamb
KJV Lion - Forest Pine - Humble Lamb
KJV Lion - Forest Pine - Humble Lamb
KJV Lion - Forest Pine - Humble Lamb
KJV Lion - Forest Pine - Humble Lamb
KJV Lion - Forest Pine - Humble Lamb

KJV Lion - Forest Pine


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The KJV Lion - Forest Pine features the Authorized King James Version in a highly readable verse-by-verse Bible text in a double-column format. Combining an 11-point Milo typeface,line-matching, archaic words defined, and illustrations from Gustave Dore, this edition is the perfect tool for serious Bible students.


  • Authorized King James Version
  • Includes the Epistle Dedicatory
  • Brown Meritian Goatskin Cover
  • Green Goatskin Leather Liner 
  • Green under gold art-gilt or lion fore-edge gilt 
  • 36 gsm Bible paper 
  • 66 Illustrations from Gustave Doré
  • Edge-lined bound 
  • Golden Filigree 
  • Easy-find Cross-references
  • Archaic Words Defined
  • Defined Concordance
  • Line-matching
  • Three 10mm double satin ribbon markers
  • Full-color maps 
  • Smyth-sewn binding
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Two-piece box
  • Words of Jesus in Blue 
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KJV Lion - Forest Pine Edition Review

The KJV Lion - Forest Pine Bible is a Premium Bible that is a “first” among equals. It’s cover design, though minimalistic, commands the theme of its contents, that it is “The Word of GOD.” The colors of a chocolate brown leather cover with the forest pine over gold gild art edges are very complimentary. The font inside is very readable, pleasing to the eyes. The photos inside gives a “renaissance” ambiance feel, to the reader. The references and definitions, at the bottom of the page, is a delightful assist, for those who wants to dig deeper into studying the word of GOD. Last, but not the very least, the words of our dearest LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST, in “blue” lettering, actually soothes the eyes of the reader, as reading the words becomes fluent, since the color blue, flows with the black lettering, as opposed to the color red, which strikes the reader to pause, and then allows the reader to continue to read. (That is my humble opinion.) My only suggestion, when producing future editions of the KJV Lion, is to produce the KJV Lion with 28 gsm paper, for the weight of the Bible to be lighter. Although, I understand the gsm paper might compromise the photo quality, a KJV Lion without the photos, but that is lighter in weight, would have a certain appeal. The overall construction of the KJV Lion is very well thought out, and definitely claims a stake in the premium bible market. Thank you and GOD bless!

Charlo A.
United States United States

Humble lamb

Great Bible, and built to last! Although the ribbons seemed a little stiff, and the printing on the inside liner needs to be done prior to being attached to the cover to avoid the weird imprinting. Otherwise an outstanding Bible.

Gilberto S.
United States United States

Best of all of my premium Bibles

I have many premium Bibles including a Schuyler Quentel. Humble Lamb hit this out of the ballpark with the Humble Lamb KJV Lion Bible. The uniqueness of the Forrest Green gilding and ribbons is amazing and beautiful. It’s my favorite color so to have it on my Bible makes me really happy! The quality is amazing. I love reading this Bible. It hard to set it down. Thank you, Humble Lamb! 

Travis P.
United States United States

Quality craftsmanship.

Quality craftsmanship with the Lion edition. The leather binding is superb. This bible is a true treasure to own.

Dr. S.
United States United States

Very happy!!

It was a wonderful experience, I am truly pleased with my beautiful AMYTHEST Bible. The FOREST PINE, is a gift for a friend, so I have not opened that Bible. Just peeked at the BROWN cover, and GREEN art gilding. The only issues I have with the Bible, is with the font. I think the (Blue) font is way too light, you really can't distinguish it from the black font. Also, I think the (Black) font could be a tad bolder too. Finally, I think the (Numbers) to each scripture, should be the same color as the (Drop Cap). So it will be different from the (Black) & (Blue) fonts. Other than these font issues, I so very happy!! For being only HUMBLE LAMB'S (2nd) Bible. Especially being in the (PREMIUM) Bible market. I think you did an AWESOME JOB!! I can't wait to see what you come up with, for your (Next) Bible. Here's an idea/suggestion. If you make the (words) of JESUS in a bolder blue. Why not make the (words) of GOD that same bold blue too. I've only seen it done with (2) Bibles; "I AM" Bible (Holman) "SWORD STUDY BIBLE" (Whitaker House) Both (KJV) and in (Red Letter) too. I think doing the words of GOD & JESUS, through the whole Bible, in a bold blue. Would really leap frog your Premium Bible competitors. A huge game changer. I know this would cost a lot of money, and make each Bible cost more. But, people who buy Premium Bibles, are willing to pay too dollar. For a high quality, uniquely designed, top of the line Bible. Anyways, forgive me for rambling on, my apologies!! Again, a beautiful, awesome Bible, that I will have for life!! THANK YOU, (Humble Lamb)!!

Michael B.
United States United States
KJV Lion - Forest Pine - Humble Lamb

KJV Lion - Forest Pine