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NKJV Shepherd - Sahara Blue (Pre-Order) - Humble Lamb
NKJV Shepherd - Sahara Blue (Pre-Order) - Humble Lamb
NKJV Shepherd - Sahara Blue (Pre-Order) - Humble Lamb
NKJV Shepherd - Sahara Blue (Pre-Order) - Humble Lamb
NKJV Shepherd - Sahara Blue (Pre-Order) - Humble Lamb
NKJV Shepherd - Sahara Blue (Pre-Order) - Humble Lamb
NKJV Shepherd - Sahara Blue (Pre-Order) - Humble Lamb
NKJV Shepherd - Sahara Blue (Pre-Order) - Humble Lamb

NKJV Shepherd - Sahara Blue


The NKJV Shepherd - Sahara Blue features the New King James highly readable Bible text in a single-column format. Combining the 9-point Milo typeface with line-matching and illustrations from Gustave Doré, this edition ensures readability for longer periods of time.


  • New King James Version
  • Edge-Line - Individually Handcrafted
  • Full-grain Meritian Goatskin Leather Cover
  • Full-grain Goatskin Leather Liner
  • The Good Shepherd Fore-Edge Gilt (Option 1)
  • Blue under Gold Art-gilt (Option 2)
  • 32 gsm Ivory Bible paper 
  • 66 Illustrations from Gustave Doré 
  • Golden Filigree 
  • Extensive Cross-references
  • Translator's Notes
  • Concordance
  • Line-matching
  • Three 10mm double satin ribbon markers
  • 14 Full-color maps 
  • Smyth-sewn binding
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Two-piece box
  • Words of Christ in Blue 


Trim:  6 in x 9 in x 1.5 in
Page Count:  1,889
Weight:  2.54 lb 
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Michael D. Stephenson
United States United States

Almost to beautiful to use!

I love the layout of this “work of art”. The Word of God is already beautiful, now wrapped in this package just makes it more beautiful. In the beginning was the WORD!!

Doug C.
United States United States


Magnificent item. Would buy again

Michael J. Murray
United States United States

Perfect NKJV Bible

Beautifully done Bible. Love the words of Christ in blue. Never a fan of the words in red. Anxiously awaiting the arrival of the upcoming Lion.

Dylan Q.
United States United States

Humble Lamb is the Best

I was researching to buy my first premium Bible, and I stumbled upon Humble Lamb. I was originally looking at Schuyler and Allan but after I saw the uniqueness of HL bibles—words of Christ in blue, pictures inside, and beautiful art-gilt. I’m a younger guy (in my 20’s, so this really appeals to me especially—there’s no age limit to enjoy this Bible though!)This is an absolutely beautiful Bible and I am very happy with it. You can “feel” the quality. I’ve never had another premium Bible other than this, but I just don’t see how this quality can be surpassed. I can see equal quality, but not any better. The ONLY thing I can anticipate that people would find wrong is the thinness of the paper and the bleed through of the pictures inside. However this doesn’t bother me in the slightest. And its line matched which alleviates the bleed—and if they made the paper any thicker the Bible would be gigantic and the size is perfect. Not a compact, but a good weighty size.They also leave a lot of spacing in the text layout so it’s very easy to read. Also, don’t get me started on the cover! The goatskin is beautiful and smells AMAZING. So supple and clean. I also decided to exchange the fore edge gilt due to personal conscience issues and they graciously exchanged it for me for an art-gilt the day after they got my return (didn’t even open it). They responded to me quickly and efficiently. Don’t have enough good stuff to say about this company. I think one hot topic needs to be address that have prevented some from buying these beautiful Bibles: the Bible is printed in China. Now, Humble Lamb did address why they print their Bibles in China and they do have good reasons: These Bibles are expensive to print and China is the only place that can make the features Humble Lamb provides (something to this effect) without skimping on quality. I do know it’s expensive to print elsewhere or in the USA, but many people will appreciate it if you found a way to do it without skimping on the quality (which you guys already addressed). I’ve interacted with people who will not buy because of where they’re printed. If HL found a way to print elsewhere, I think the floodgates would open and many more customers would come out of the woodwork. For me, it doesn’t bother my conscience, and I get where Humble Lamb is coming from to provide premium Bibles (can’t always have your cake and eat it too). But I would personally pay more for a Bible printed in the USA. That’s my take. I’m a fan regardless and this is a non-issue for me. Thank you so much Humble Lamb. You have yourself a huge fan right here and I look forward to more purchases in the future. Can’t wait to see how you guys grow in your service to God’s and his Word.

Steve F.
United States United States

Beautiful Bible

Very enjoyable to read and hold. Extremely well made, and will purchase more for Christmas gifts. A family treasure!

NKJV Shepherd - Sahara Blue (Pre-Order) - Humble Lamb

NKJV Shepherd - Sahara Blue