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Seconds - 40% OFF - NKJV Word of God - All Colors - Premium Bible with illustrations from Gustave Dore
Seconds - 40% OFF - NKJV Word of God - All Colors - Premium Bible with illustrations from Gustave Dore
Seconds - 40% OFF - NKJV Word of God - All Colors - Premium Bible with illustrations from Gustave Dore
Seconds - 40% OFF - NKJV Word of God - All Colors - Premium Bible with illustrations from Gustave Dore

Seconds - 40% OFF - NKJV Word of God - All Colors


When you make Bibles by hand, there will always be mistakes. We've gathered all of those Bibles and are selling them at deep discounts. If you can handle a less than perfect art-gild, more glossy leather, or a blemish in the leather, then it’s your chance to get our awesome Bibles at a massive discount. 

In spite of these imperfections, they are still brand-new Bibles that will last you a lifetime. 

(This offer is so good that we can’t accept returns or exchanges) 

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Jeff B.
United States United States

Exceeded expectations by a mile!

I was blown away by my experience! I ordered the Seconds, so I braced for possibly receiving a product with noticeable defects, but to my delight, it’s flawless as far as I can tell! Beautiful quality, and it arrived lightning fast. I didn’t pay for any expedited shipping but it still arrived 2 days after receiving the shipping notification. You won’t be disappointed in purchasing from Humble Lamb!

Eliot D.
United States United States

Advertised Perfectly!

I purchased a blue ribbon NKJV for my preaching. This Bible is beautifully made. The goatskin leather is the most soft leather you will ever hold in your hand. If you want to be like Rev. Billy Graham with your Bible in perfect half fold in your hand while you gesture with your other while you're red faced pacing behind the pulpit then the Humble Lamb Bible is the one that you want. I love the single column the pages. The artistry you can tell were crafted by those who love and respect the Word of God. This Bible will want you to never let go of this Bible and walk around with it proudly in your hand. What a beautiful work of art. The advertising is perfect. This will draw you to live in the Word of God. They have successfully made a beautiful cover and presentation and the Word of the Lord and the Holy Spirit will do the rest.

Bryan V.
United States United States

Awesome Bibles

I must say that they are great looking bibles. I'm happy to have been able to purchase these. I need to order the blue one to have all 3. Awesome, just awesome bibles.

Myra M.
United States United States

Wonderfully Made Bibles!

Thank you for sharing the seconds Bibles! I purchased two as gifts, one Cardinal Red and the other Royal Blue, and neither had blemishes that were very noticeable at all! Both were given as gifts to women whom I felt were in need of uplifting, and the lady who received the Cardinal Red Bible said that it arrived on a day in which she needed it; and, she went on about the beauty of the Bible and how it would help her with her Bible Study. So your Bibles, even the ones you call seconds, are not only beautifully and wonderfully made - with minor blemishes - they still have the ability to help individuals in their study of God's Holy Word. I just wish that I had purchased more!

Philip B.
Australia Australia

I love my Humble Lamb NKJV Bible

Hi Humble Lamb, I received my Humble Lamb NKJV Bible (royal blue) I purchased a seconds version as the shipment to Australia and the Aussie dollar conversion rate is a killer money wise. I love this Bible, it is beautiful, I love picking it up, feeling it and ready it all the time thinking, Wow !!! this is a beautiful Bible, all Bibles should be like this. I purchase a seconds version at 40% off due to the Australian market and I can’t find anything wrong with it, I am truly blessed !!! As soon as you produce a large or giant print version with larger verse numbers i will jump right back in and purchase one of them. Thank you for your vision of making beautiful Bibles and putting it into action. Regards Phil. from Melbourne Australia.

Build Quality

A Handcrafted Bible

Hand-crafted Premium Bibles

We've been very careful in choosing the best binding methods for the Humble Lamb Bibles. Each Bible has been individually handcrafted to meet the highest standards of quality.

We have included an international lifetime warranty on manufacturer's defects with each purchase. Learn more here. 


Color Variations

Humble Lamb Bibles

These Bibles are available in three distinct colors: Amethyst, Cardinal Red, and Royal Blue. The color relates to the art-gilt and ribbon variation. Each Bible contains three 10mm ribbons.


Book Spine

Raised hubs on Bible

A few centuries ago, books were only for the aristocrats, and every well-crafted book had raised hubs or "ribs". The raised hubs in our Bibles will not only feel great in the hand but will also give your Bible a classy, clean look. 



Humble Lamb Art-gilt Word of God

A red, blue, or purple decorative finish was added to the page edges, where dye and gilt foil combine to add richness and luster to the finished Bible.


Edge-lined Bound 

A rare but highly durable method of binding is used in the Humble Lamb Bible. First, edge-lined binding does not use a book board between the lining and the cover. The two layers are full-grain Goatskin leather for the cover and full-grain calfskin leather. Second, there is a perimeter stitching that prevents the liner from separating from the cover over time. There is also a golden filigree along the edge of the liner.

Smyth-sewn Binding

Smyth-sewn Humble Lamb Bible

The book block is Smyth-sewn, a method that involves sewing through the folds of the individual, collated signatures. Not only does this method give great durability to the book block, but it also allows your Humble Lamb Bible to open flat from Genesis to Revelation.



High-opacity Bible Paper

The paper chosen is 30 GSM high-opacity Bible paper. The high opacity helps with the ghosting/see-through of the ink. By choosing 30 gsm Bible paper it allowed us to fit 1,800 pages in a 1.5 inch thick Bible.  

The Design


the Word of God by Humble Lamb

The typical Bible that you buy at your local store is inscribed "The Holy Bible". Not only did we want to create something different, but we wanted to create a sense of reverence appropriate for the powerful message that you will hold in your hands. From the detailed craftsmanship to the layout, we wanted you to know that you aren't holding just any book. You will be holding the sacred "Word of God".

The layout and design was created by our Humble Lamb team. There are two key elements to the design of "The Word of God". It will be easy-to-read with a beautiful design, while including reference notes and cross-references that are conducive to your in-depth studies.

The Golden Ratio

Golden ratio Bible

Designing the Humble Lamb Bible was no easy task. It was designed with mathematical precision and beauty through the use of the Fibonacci Sequence. The Fibonacci Sequence reveals a mathematical relationship found throughout nature called the Golden Ratio. This ratio is the basis for the precise geometric balance and harmony of our Bible. Based on these timeless design principles, the Humble Lamb Bible is beautiful and pleasing to the eye.   

Thoughtful Design

Thoughtful Bible design

Many people do not think of how words are arranged on the page but this is important for visual aesthetics. 45-75 characters per line is the perfect range for readability. We have designed the Bible so that our text meets this criterion, ensuring an enjoyable study and reading experience, even for longer periods of time.

The cross-references are accented in deep red and have been placed beside the verse that they correspond with for ease of use.

Gustave Dore

Gustave Dore Humble Lamb

The Humble Lamb Word of God is complemented by the artwork of Gustave Dore.  His illustrations accompany the appropriate text and help bring the story to life.

"Gustave Dore was a prolific engraver, artist, illustrator, and sculptor, working primarily as a wood and steel engraver. He produced over 100,000 sketches in his lifetime, and lived to be 50 years old, averaging 6 sketches per day for each day he lived. Even though he was an untrained, self-taught artist, who never used a live model, and who could not sketch from nature, his work is considered some of the most important in the entire engraving art world (Gustave Dore)."

"As a child, young Dore was an avid artist and earned his way as an illustrator in a Paris bookshop, publishing his first drawings when he was 15 years old. His young age and great talent drew much attention, which led to newspaper and journal articles written about the “child illustrator,” and generated further interest in the artist. As an illustrator, Dore created engravings for the books of Balzac, Rabelais, Milton, Dante, Edgar Allen Poe, and Lord Byron. He was commissioned to illustrate a version of the English Bible, which was extremely popular, allowing for the foundation of his own gallery, the Dore Gallery (Gustave Dore)."

“Gustave Dore - 758 Paintings, Illustrations, Drawings and Prints.”, WikiArt Visual Encyclopedia,

 Humble Lamb Bible Illustrations by Gustave Dore

The Leather



Humble Lamb Bible Goatskin Leather

When creating the Humble Lamb Bibles, we chose only top quality leather to protect and encase your Bible. For the outside cover, we have chosen full-grain Goatskin leather. Full-grain goatskin leather is considered, by many, to be the best leather for Bibles, without getting into exotics. Although more expensive, it is an essential part of Humble Lamb's Bibles.  

Full Grain leather comes from the top layer of the hide which has ALL of the grain, therefore, FULL grain. The surface of the full-grain leather becomes more burnished and beautified with continued use.

Inside Liner

We also gave much attention and care to the materials chosen for the interior liner. Although most Bibles often overlook this very important element of the Bible, we made sure to outfit it with a premium full-grain Calfskin leather.



Due to the natural variation in animal hide, no one cover is the same. The uniqueness of the hide makes sure that you have an exclusive and one-of-a-kind Bible. 


Flexible. Supple. Enduring.

This double-leathered masterpiece is sure to be your companion for many years to come. 



Seconds - 40% OFF - NKJV Word of God - All Colors - Premium Bible with illustrations from Gustave Dore

Seconds - 40% OFF - NKJV Word of God - All Colors