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Your devotional life with a new Bible! 

The Word of God

The Holy Bible  |  Reimagined


In a world of encyclopedic Bible designs, we've decided to take a leap and create a beautiful and practical Bible that will inspire you to dive deeper.


Handling the Word of God should inspire a sense of awe and respect. Therefore, we chose only the best Calfskin and Goatskin leathers to enclose our Bibles.


Studying the Word of God should be a pleasant experience that encompasses more that just the words. From the pages to the binding, every detail matters.

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Over the last several years I’ve owned just about every brand and edition of premium bibles that’s available. I can honestly say there has not been a nicer, a more “oh my goodness this is so nice” Bible than my Humble Lamb. It’s a perfect daily reader as well as preaching and study companion. I love this edition. As a matter of fact, I’m already saving for my next one.

Jason S.

I can't express in words how beautiful and lovely it is to use this Bible. It's so well put together I can't believe. It's so well put together the page gilding ,softcover, the layout of the text, when you pick it up you don't want to put it down it's just so comfortable.

Loreto D.

This is a very beautiful Bible and a joy to hold and read. The cover is superb and feels natural. The paper is perfect. I don't have any issues separating pages and the font/ paper color are great as well as the layout.

James B.

The Humble Lamb Bible