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The binding of your new Humble Lamb Bible should be primed before use to ensure the greatest flexibility for years to come. 

Place the Bible on a flat surface, standing it on its spine. With one hand holding the pages, allow the covers to fall. Then take a section of the pages from the front and lay it down, pressing gently along the crease from top to bottom. Repeat this procedure, taking pages from the back. Continue through the whole Bible, alternating front and back until it lays fully open in the middle.

Leather Care

The goatskin leather cover of the Humble Lamb Bible will remain beautiful and durable if cared for properly. Exposure to direct sunlight for extended periods of time can dry the genuine leather and reduce its elasticity. The oils from your hand naturally enrich the leather and keep it supple as the Bible ages; thus, the best way to care for the leather cover is to handle it often. Use a soft, damp cloth, with mild soap if needed, to wipe away spills or stains.

Note Taking

Note-taking and marking with Bible-friendly writing instruments will prevent bleed-through. Use pencils, ballpoint pens, and Bible highlighters instead of felt-tip and rollerball pens.


The box that comes with your Bible will protect it. Because storing it upright in a bookshelf can loosen the spine over time, lay the Bible on its side or keep it in the box for long-term storage.