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Free Budget Bible

Humble Lamb Budget Bible

Humble Lamb gives out a free budget Bible anytime you purchase one of our hand-crafted Bibles, it's a way to give to the "least of these" and help more people have access to the Word of God. 

What kind of Bibles will we give out?  

They will be budget Bibles, however, the translation depends on where we give them out. If we distribute them in America we will most likely give out NKJV, ESV or NASB Budget Bibles. However, if we give out budget Bibles in Asia, Africa, or Latin America, of course, the Bibles will be a different translation. These Bibles will only contain the Holy Word of God. 

Will we give out any other material? 

No. Our goal here is simple, we want to encourage everyone to read the Bible more. Although pamphlets or guides might be helpful, we believe that when we come to read the Bible with a spirit of prayer and humility, the Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth. 

Are we working with any organization? 

No. If you own or are part of an organization that is in need of budget Bibles, please contact us at: 

Humble Lamb will be documenting the distribution of such Bibles in order to inform our customers of how their purchase made a difference in someone's life. 

When will we give out these budget Bibles? 

We will give out these budget Bibles when we have a substantial number of them to give out, or when there is a pressing need to give them out.