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Introducing the
 KJV Lion (Refresh)

Prepare to rediscover the most-loved translation of the Word of God. Available in six stunning colors, the KJV Lion features Meritian Goatskin, large print, a next-generation cross-reference system, defined archaic terms, and Illustrations by Gustave Doré. Now with semi-yapp, wider margins, and a distinctive blue for the words of Christ.

A time-tested translation.

The King James Bible stands with dignity amidst the current of our fast-paced modern world. Essentially unmodified for over four hundred years, this translation from the ancient Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic texts remains the most popular English-language Bible of all time.

Meritian Goatskin.
You just have to feel it. 


Quality matters. The Bible is a precious book; it should last for generations. For this reason, the KJV Lion is enclosed with the best quality goatskin leather available. The cover is paired with a goatskin liner resulting in uncompromising flexibility. It's impossible to explain the way Meritian Goatskin feels in the hand. You just have to try it for yourself.



It’s that extra, over hang of leather cover. It gives a buffer to protect the inner pages and gilt. And the KJV Lion's yapp has just grown. We’re excited to offer this additional premium touch that many have fallen in love with over the years.


Olive Slate 
With an Olive Meritian Goatskin cover, gray goatskin liner, green-under-gold art-gilt or fore-edge gilt, and gray ribbons.

Fore-edge gilt.
More to meet the eye.

You can now choose from two options of fore-edge gilt. We worked closely with an artist to create this majestic image rendered using a technique known as "Pointillism," where tiny dots blend to form the image. These illustrations depict the Lion of Judah. 


From top left, clockwise:
Lion fore-edge design (available with all editions)
Green-under-gold art-gilt (Forest Pine Edition)
Purple-under-gold art-gilt (Amethyst Edition)
Blue-under-gold art-gilt (Sahara Blue Edition)

From top:
Lion fore-edge design (available with all editions)
Green-under-gold art-gilt (Forest Pine Edition)
Blue-under-gold art-gilt (Sahara Blue Edition)
Purple-under-gold art-gilt (Amethyst Edition) 

Beautiful rich colors.

Humble Lamb Bibles have some of the most rich and diverse art-gilts in the world. Art-gilt is created by hand spraying a dye onto the gold gilt of a Bible, during this process the dye seeps into the gold ever so slightly, coloring the pages edge. The result is a color that is only visible when you open your Bible, while the gold is only visible when the Bible is closed. 



Cross-reference system

If you are spending more time searching through cross-references than actually reading the Bible, something is wrong. That's why we designed the KJV Lion with a cross-reference system that prioritizes ease-of-use. Now you can find the cross-reference you are looking for in a simple glance.

Archaic Terms Defined

The Authorized King James Version remains the most trusted and respected translation of the Bible today. But since a portion of its vocabulary has fallen out of our modern lexicon, we’ve added definitions from Webster’s 1828 and 1913 English Dictionaries and Wright's 1876 Bible Word-Book to the bottom of each page to clarify archaic and confusing terms.

Beautifully designed

& handcrafted.

The design of the KJV Lion references traditional Bible layouts with its double-column, verse-by-verse typeset, but moves beyond them to enhance the readability of the text and the beauty of the page. Within the line-matched text, bold drop caps signpost each chapter and serve as an homage to the ornate flourishes found in some of the earliest copies of the King James Version.

Edge-line Bound

Hand bound using the most durable method of binding, ensuring a build quality that will last decades. 

The book block is Smyth-sewn, a method of binding that not only provides durability but also allows the Bible to lay flat from Genesis to Revelation.

11 pt. Milo Serif

Large print typeface enhances the readability of the text.

Double-satin Ribbons

3 double satin ribbons complement each edition both aesthetically and functionally.

3 double satin ribbons complement each edition both aesthetically and functionally.

36 gsm Premium Paper

The ivory-colored, coated paper provides greater thickness and opacity.


Illustrations by
Gustave Doré


Is a picture worth a thousand words? Gustave Doré’s illustrations certainly make a case for the affirmative. The KJV Lion features these powerful illustrations thoughtfully placed throughout the Testaments for you to discover as you study God's word.



Authorized King James Version


Double-column, verse-by-verse


11 pt. Milo Serif

Trim size

9 x 6 inches

Meritian Goatskin Cover

Available in Sahara Blue, Lunar Yellow, Rose Gold, Olive Slate, Storm Gray, and Fox Orange

Page count & Page Thickness

1805 pages & 36gsm

66 Illustrations by Gustave Doré

Defined Terms

At the bottom of each page

Defined Concordance


Easy-Find cross-references


Words of Christ in Blue


14 Biblical Maps

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