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Introducing the

NASB HIStory Edition

The goal of this edition is to have a Bible with the focus on stories, since stories awaken interest. While retaining the traditional chapter and verse markings for standard referencing, the NASB HIStory Bible draws the eye to the content and shape of the narrative. The intention is to promote a thoughtful and unhurried contemplation of the people, dialogues, and events throughout the Bible.

Humble Lamb has devised this distinctive edition of the Word of God, unlike anything heretofore available on the market, to bring these powerful, timeless Bible stories to life.

Compact size

The compact format of the NASB HIStory Bible favors portability: the reader can easily enjoy and meditate on the profound stories in Scripture anytime and anywhere, making it an ideal Bible to travel with.

Custom Drop-caps
& Cross-references

This edition incorporates cross references within each story allowing the Word of God to interpret itself, all while being easy to find and pleasing to the eye.

Traditional Bibles put a dropped capital letter at the beginning of each chapter, potentially breaking up the story. We’ve created exquisite capital letters to be placed at the beginning of each story so that the reader can readily follow the storyline, unperturbed by chapter divisions.


New American Standard Version 2020

“The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever.”

Isaiah 40:8

The New American Standard Bible has been produced with the conviction that the words of Scripture as originally penned in the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek were inspired by God. 

Since they are the eternal Word of God, the Holy Scriptures speak with fresh power to each generation. They give wisdom that leads to salvation, so that people may serve Christ for the glory of God.

The NASB strives to adhere as closely as possible to the original languages of the Holy Scriptures and to make the translation fluent and readable, according to current English usage.

Words of Christ in Blue

Instead of the traditional red found in many other Bibles, the NASB HIStory features blue-letter text for the words of Christ. Over 300 million people suffer from color blindness, the majority struggling to see the color red most of all. To solve this problem we've selected a vibrant blue which is both easier on the eyes and less distracting than red-letter alternatives. The blue color highlights the words of Jesus without sacrificing readability.



The NASB HIStory features a rare but highly durable method of binding: edge-lined binding. Edge-line bound books don’t need a support board between the lining and the cover, which allows for the signature flexibility of this Bible. In addition, the perimeter of the cover is stitched over the liner. This prevents the liner from separating from the cover over time. 

The book block is Smyth-sewn, a method of binding pages together that not only provides durability but also allows the Bible to lay flat from Genesis to Revelation.


Durability and Flexibility. That’s what makes a cover worthy of encasing the Word of God. The NASB HIStory edge-lined Bible features the same premium Meritian Goatskin leather as previous Humble Lamb Bibles. This outer layer pairs with a full-grain goatskin liner to create a supple, durable cover with uncompromising flexibility. It's impossible to explain the way Meritian Goatskin feels in the hand. You just have to try it for yourself.

Fore-edge Gilt

Pointillism is back. We worked closely with an artist to illustrate representations of Christ from the Old and New Testaments. In the style of Gustave Doré, our artist created this detailed composition with tiny dots that blend together to form the image. 


Each Bible is individually hand sprayed with a colored dye. They are each sprayed up to 4 times to achieve the beautiful deep color that our Bibles are known for. 

Illustrations by

Gustave Doré

Prepare to feast your eyes. The NASB HIStory Bible contains Doré’s complete collection of Biblical illustrations. This is a total of 220 illustrations that are within the Biblical canon, an impressive feature for a compact sized Bible. 


TranslationTypeface3 RibbonsTrim Size
New American Standard
Bible 2020
8.5 pt. Milo Serif10 mm, double satin 7 x 4.75 inches 

Cover & Liner MaterialsMapsPage Count & Paper Thickness220 Illustrations
Full-grain goatskin leather
available in 5 colors
14 full-color maps designed
by Humble Lamb
2200 pages & 32 gsmby Gustave Doré
Full Set of Cross-referencesTranslators' NotesWords of Christ in Blue

Each Bible comes with a lifetime warranty.