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Paste-off vs Edge-Line

What's the Difference?


Paste-off vs Edge-line

Paste-off KJV Lion - top

Edge-line KJV Lion - bottom



Premium Meritian Goatskin leather

Three 10mm ribbons

36gsm or 32gsm premium paper 

Text Block (inside layout)

Perimeter stitching

Smyth-sewn book-block


Fore-Edge Gilt


Our paste-off on the left has an art-gilt which means that there is a dye that is visible under the gold. Different colors have different dyes under the gold gilt. The edge-line on the right has a fore-edge lion design on the gilt.


Perimeter Stitching


The paste-off on the left has a synthetic liner that is pasted onto the leather cover, versus the edge-line that has a leather liner that is stitched under the cover.


Edge-Line vs Paste-off Binding


Our paste-off on the left continues the synthetic liner toward the end-sheet. The edge-line has a “leather hinge” that is called an "edge-line."


Paste-off vs Edge-line


Our paste-off on the top has a more traditional design with debossed sections. The edge-line on the bottom has raised hubs with a minimalistic design.